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Mustang Magic

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    Randy Bird Equine Education proudly introduces our new performance, "Mustang Magic". This unique and action-packed show highlights Randy's fascinating journey of rescuing wild Mustangs from the State of Wyoming. These Mustangs were at serious risk and unprotected by the U.S. Government. Randy and filmmakers Albert Botha, Rob & Mike Davidson and James Gardner were responsible for bringing them to Randy's Harwood, Ontario, Canada training facility.

    "Mustang Magic" highlights the strength and versatility of these awe-inspiring horses through riding and driving demonstrations along with spectacular film footage. The performance shows the audience how well these intelligent horses can be trained and how gentle they can be.

    Crowds love the "Meet the Mustangs" portion at the end of the show. This is where they can pet a real Mustang and get their photo taken with one. This performance debuted summer 2016 at the Haliburton County Fair (Minden, Ontario, Canada) and was an instant hit. We provide a safe and educational show, versatile enough to fit into most arenas. Our professional crew and setup complement the performance.

Randy Bird Equine Education  Randy Bird Equine Education  Randy Bird Equine Education  Randy Bird Equine Education

Randy has appeared at the following venues:
  • Can-Am (London, Ontario, Canada)
  • All About Horses (Lindsay, Ontario, Canada)
  • Autofest (Oshawa, Ontario, Canada)
  • Columbia Grand Prix (Columbia, Maryland, USA)
  • Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  • Haliburton County Fair (Minden, Ontario, Canada)
  • Warkworth Fair (Warkworth, Ontario, Canada)
  • Michigan Winter Equine Expo (Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA)
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